How to Make These 5 Simple DIY Bathroom Scents 


That first whiff of a room’s scent could either make you want to stay or to scram away. A delightful aroma gives any room a clean and fresh feeling, while musky odors and foul smells might make the space intolerable and unpleasant.

Perhaps any homeowner could testify that there is one particular room in their home with a share of these two opposing smells – the bathroom.

What we do in the bathroom isn’t exactly the kind of thing that would make it smell like a rose garden. The calls of nature can get pretty stinky, and there are times when the smell would seem too stubborn to go away.

You might even think of giving the situation a quick remedy by spraying the room with a pungent perfume, but the two odors only will mix, resulting in an even more unpleasant scent.

Of course, we can’t limit our bathroom

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