A Comprehensive Homeowner’s Guide Plus Tips


Flooring projects are so popular among homeowners that more than 5 million people remodeled their homes in 2017. 

Out of all the other flooring materials, homeowners consistently choose wood to transform the feel of their homes.

While hardwood floors can add stylistic flair to your home, they’re also one of the most reliable and comfortable flooring materials out there. 

Interested in getting your own wood floors? Keep reading to learn how to install hardwood floors using DIY installation. 

One of the benefits of hardwood floors is that there are actually different methods of installation.

So, you can choose the method that fits your style and budget. Here are the different methods to consider:

  • Nailing floors
  • Gluing floors with adhesive
  • Click-lock installation

Installing hardwood floors with adhesive is one of the more common methods. Naturally, the glue does all the work to secure the boards together.

Comparing Methods

Nailing the boards

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