4 Essential Bathroom Cleaning Supplies


Keeping a clean workplace isn’t always the most glamorous of tasks but having the essential bathroom cleaning supplies will make the job that much easier.

Bathrooms can be a rather disgusting place. This is especially true when we’re talking about shared bathrooms, such as those in your office.

People are more likely to clean their own toilets than those they share with their coworkers.

What if we told you several deadly bacteria could be lurking in your office bathroom? Staphylococcus aureus, E.coli, and shigella may be waiting on toilets or counters to infect your staff. 

Employers should keep a few crucial bathroom cleaning supplies on hand at all times. Keep reading to find the top products you need in every office bathroom. 

  1. Disinfectant Wipes

The chances are the bathroom is the germiest place in your office. It’s so important to keep a clean restroom for your staff.

You can get more info here about why you should be maintaining your staff bathrooms.  

An essential product on your bathroom cleaning supplies list should be a disinfectant cleaner

Easy-to-dispense disinfectant wipes from Clorox or Lysol are quick and straightforward to use. 

These wipes can kill 99.9% of the viruses that cause colds and the flu. They’re great to use on handles, doorknobs, and even the toilet seat. 

They’ll leave a pleasant clean scent behind, too, which is never a bad thing in a public bathroom.

  1. Toilet Scrub Brush 

No one likes to talk about it, but we will. Splatter happens sometimes. If your office bathroom doesn’t have a scrub brush, no one can erase the evidence. 

We recommend a brush with firm bristles with a base that conceals what’s inside. OXO makes a brush with a concealing canister for just $15. 

  1. Toilet Bowl Cleaner

What good would a scrub brush be without a cleaner to help make the bowl sparkle?

There are several different types of cleaners you can find on the market. For office use, we recommend a gel cleaner or disinfecting spray. 

Use Clorox bleach pucks when necessary. You can drop these tablets right into your toilet tank. A small amount releases every time the toilet is flushed, providing a long-lasting clean.  

  1. Broom and Mop

What essential bathroom cleaning supplies list would be complete without floor cleaning tools? 

The average bathroom floor has 764 bacteria per square inch, so washing it is a must. 

Flooring comes into contact with the same bacteria as the toilet. Every time you flush, bacteria are released into the air and fall to the floor. 

People don’t clean the flooring as often as they do the toilet, but they should.

You might want to consider a mop with a disposable head. Keep the heads in stock so you can change them out when they’re dirty. 

If you’re willing to take laundry home from the office, a microfiber mop works great.

You’ll need to wash the head after every few uses, but it’s worth the effort. You’ll spend less in the long run and make less waste.

Stock Up on the Right Bathroom Cleaning Supplies

The right bathroom cleaning supplies are vital for protecting your employees from illnesses.

Your bathrooms will be sparkling and germ-free with these products in your arsenal.

Keep reading our blog to find more tips on keeping the office spic and span. 

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