5 Great Ways to Update Your Flooring in Your Bathroom


If you’ve lived in your home for a long time, then you’re probably getting tired of seeing the same decor throughout your house.

Especially in your bathroom, the types of decor that you have can experience wear and tear over time. And this can most often reflect on your bathroom floor.

It’s difficult to keep and maintain a clean bathroom floor since there are likely corners and other hard-to-reach places.

Here are five great ways that you can update your flooring in your bathroom. Some of these ideas require more work than others, but some of them only require small installations that you can do yourself.

They also range in their costs, so you can better pick the one that will work for you.

1. Install porcelain tile

Instead of having any type of tile in your bathroom, you should consider updating the floor with a porcelain tile.

It delivers a more classy and elegant look than any other standard tile, and it’s very easy to keep clean.

Even more, it’s specifically beneficial for bathroom floors because of its ability to resist absorbing any water.

Many other types of standard tiles experience damage over time because of the small amounts of water that it absorbs.

That being said, porcelain tile floors in your bathroom can last longer than other types of flooring.

You also have the option of choosing from a range of different porcelain flooring tile designs, so you can more easily pick the style that fits with the rest of your bathroom decor (1).

2. Use an automatic floor-cleaning device

Keeping your bathroom floor clean is vital to maintaining the overall positive appearance as well as the health and safety of your family.

The floors in your bathroom are constantly exposed to dirt and debris from people’s shoes as well as the dirt and debris from the shower and other chemicals that are in your bathroom.

But constantly cleaning your bathroom floor can be a pain, so having an automatic floor-cleaning device in your bathroom can make it easier and safer in your home.

Automatic devices can clean floors on their own when you set a timer or some of them even allow remote control. By doing so, you can more effectively keep the bathroom floor clean and safe.

3. Paint your floor

If you have a wooden floor in your bathroom, then you can paint the floor a new color to update the appearance. Over time, the paint may wear and chip off, creating a negative appearance.

But updating the paint can allow you to make your bathroom look more classy and clean. Make sure that you have a protective coating over top of the wooden painted floor, or you can use a waterproof paint as well.

4. Lay down water-absorbing mats

Pretty much everyone has mats or some type of rug laid out in their bathroom, but you can benefit more from installing some Water-absorbing ones.

Rugs That can absorb the water help to keep the flooring in your bathroom clean and dry, and they can even make your flooring last longer.

But absorbing the water from fall off after washing your hands or showering, the rugs prevent water from seeping onto the floor and creating wet spots that can be dangerous and even damaging to the type of floor that you have.

5. Install a heated floor

Lastly, you could update the flooring in your bathroom by installing a heated floor. Many times, you’ve probably gotten out of the shower and were startled by the cold bathroom floor on your feet.

So by having bathroom floor heating, you can not only keep your feet warm but you can also cause the water runoff to evaporate into the air and elongate the life of your floor.

You can either install a heated floor yourself or through a professional service.


Overall, you can make small changes to your bathroom floor by either painting it or installing a mat that can resist the water that it comes by.

Or you can even make bigger changes to the floor, like installing a heated floor or completely assembling a new floor in your bathroom.

Either way, you can more effectively keep the bathroom floor clean by using a self-cleaning device, like an automatic vacuum or mop.

Regardless of which updates you choose, each of these renovations can help to improve any bathroom in your home.

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