5 Remodeling Projects to Make Your Bathroom Stand Out


Did you know? On average, people spend between 30 and 60 minutes in the bathroom every day! Per year, that adds up to almost 15 day’s worth of showers, grooming, singing, and – well, you get the idea.

So, it’s no surprise that most at-home remodeling projects involve a bathroom makeover. But when kicking off a bathroom renovation, where should you start?

First things first, it’s important to cast a vision for your aesthetic. (Check out this Architectural Digest article for some swoon-worthy inspiration.)

Once you have a feel for how you want your bathroom to look, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and get to work.

To guide your hammer, nails, and grout along the way, here are five remodeling tips and projects sure to make your bathroom stand out.

1.Store More

It doesn’t matter if your bathroom is small, average, or large. It’s always important to assess the space for potential storage solutions.

From floating shelves, to built-in cabinets and inset closets, there are a variety of tried-and-true methods to declutter your bathroom.

Find the option (or two) that works best for your layout and watch as this design principle revolutionizes your space – helping with organization and allowing you to maximize potential for future remodeling projects.

2.Treat Yourself

Everyone loves a good shower or bathtub. So, don’t be afraid to treat yourself (and future homeowners) to an upgraded, spa-like experience.

Sure – this can be an undertaking, but according to My Handy Craftsman Inc., bathroom and home remodeling can actually “increase your property value” when done right.

That said, if you want to go big, consider investing in a jacuzzi-style tub with built-in jets or overhauling your current shower setup with subway-tile (complete with a raised ceiling for added ventilation).

But, don’t worry, no matter your budget, there’s always an opportunity to sneak in a little luxury.

Your remodel could be as simple as adding a brand-new shower head to increase water pressure. Sometimes it’s the simple things that stand out most!

3.Take a Look in the Mirror

The mirror and sink act as the epicenter of most bathroom layouts, playing an important role in convincing us that we’re ready for the day.

It may sound easy, but the small act of upgrading to a bigger mirror as well as swapping out your old sink for a more modern feature can make all the difference.

Then, be sure to match all your finishes (e.g. facets, handles, etc.) – and voilà, with three simple edits, your vanity will look brand new.

4. A Fresh Coat of Paint

Maybe you plan to execute all five projects listed in this article in one fell swoop, but, if you only have time for one quick bathroom remodeling project, it might be best to start with a fresh coat of paint.

Be sure to reference your initial brainstorm and vision for the space, then select a color and choose a quality paint – the rest is success.

 5.Dive Deep into Details

When you finish all the major initiatives in your remodeling efforts, and you can see the finish line – it’s time to talk details.

Choosing the right décor can take some time, but – from lush, green plants to framed paintings and even perfectly-accented soap dispensers – the investment is worth it.

And your attention to detail will be sure to impress any guest.

Finishing Your Remodeling Projects

The final step in most remodeling projects is often the easiest step of them all: enjoy your allnew space. But remember, you have to come out eventually!

For more home remodeling tips and advice, be sure to check back daily and see what’s new on our site!

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