5 tips for Updating Your Bathroom How to Give it a Farmhouse Feel


The modern farmhouse style is one of the hottest trends in home design. You can go in numerous directions with this flexible trend to find the style that you are aiming for.

The bathroom is the perfect room to try your hand at creating this look for yourself in your own home. Here are five ways that you can update your bathroom to give it a farmhouse feel.

Keep it Simple Yet Elegant

The number one distinguishing feature of a farmhouse bathroom is simplicity. As you would expect with a farmhouse theme, the room needs to be practical and simple to hold true to the era that it is modeled after.

However, today’s farmhouse rooms are also modern in design and function, helping to bring the two worlds together.

It is possible to keep the aesthetics of the farmhouse design simple while still weaving modern and premium touches throughout.

By doing so, you will create the perfect balance of style and modern comfort.

Choose Subway Tile

A hallmark feature of a modern farmhouse bathroom is its exquisite tile work. Subway tile is a popular option in farmhouse bathrooms.

The white and reflective tile adds brightness and a sense of cleanness to any room, making it a perfect choice for your bathroom remodel.

This modern trend is actually rooted in Old World, giving it cred as a good choice when your goal is to convey a sense of rustic chic.

Because it is a neutral color and style, you can use white subway tile as the backdrop for nearly all of your farmhouse decor.

The white color will also create an airy and open look that is a cornerstone of this design style.

Finding the Perfect Farmhouse Vanity

The focal point of your modern farmhouse bathroom will likely be the vanity.

In keeping with the theme, the vanity should be simple yet elegant. Popular material choices for your vanity and skin include marble, fiberglass, and porcelain.

Of course, you will need a farmhouse sink to make this work. Also known as an apron sink, this design features a deep basin and exposed front side.

Adding open shelving beneath the sink will provide storage space while still keeping with the theme. A weathered mirror hanging above the sink is the perfect finishing touch to this area of the room.

Do Not Ignore the Little Things

Once you have the primary elements in place, you can start to focus on adding the appropriate decor as the finishing touches.

It is often the little things that will bring the entire personality of your farmhouse bathroom together.

Good decor choices to tie the theme together include wall sconces with faux flowers, metal storage containers, woven baskets to store all of your bathroom essentials, crystal knobs on the vanity drawers, and a rustic chandelier.

When creating your perfect sink to match the vibe of the room, you are going to want to ensure that you look into modern bathroom sink faucets.

You can choose a modern and premium faucet that still conveys the rustic farmhouse look that you are trying to achieve.

Create the Farmhouse Personality with the Right Lighting Elements

Historically, a farmhouse bathroom would not even be located inside of the actual house. This means that there would not be artificial lighting.

Because you do not want to go that far in trying to recreate this look, you can choose lighting that is functional but still lends itself to the farmhouse mood.

In order to achieve this, you can install LED lights for when you need the brightness for a practical purpose. To complement this, consider choosing bulbs with dimmers.

This will allow you to turn down the brightness when it is not needed so that you can create a mood that is more reminiscent of rustic times or a country feel. By doing this, it is possible to have the best of both worlds.

Do not be shy about injecting your own sense of personal style into your bathroom design. The great thing about a modern farmhouse bathroom is that it is a versatile style that allows you to show off your own creative design skills.

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