6 Bathroom Cabinet And Vanity Trends For 2020


Nothing feels worse than remodelling a bathroom and outdating yourself from the get-go. Opting into materials and styles that died in the ‘90s are a surefire way to devalue your bathroom.

Naturally, this should never stop you if you enjoy those types of designs and will be living in your home for many years to come, but if you care about keeping your home up-to-date, there are a few guidelines you should be aware of to keep your bathroom feeling modern and fresh.

This article will focus primarily on one of the central points of the modern bathroom: the vanity and its associated cabinet.

Here are six trends that will help keep your vanity feeling firmly planted in the year 2020.

1) White, Ebony, And Gray

These shades are the most popular for bathroom cabinetry, and for good reason. All three of them fall into neutral territory, and go with an abundance of styles and colours in the bathroom.

White tends to be the most popular, as it will make a bathroom feel larger and more open, making it the shade of choice for smaller, more confined spaces.

White cabinets will either feature a brighter silver chrome or brushed nickel hardware, or a set of darker, minimalistic handles to contrast the brighter cabinetry.

It is the ultimate in flexible, and will likely fit in with all but the most eclectic of designs.

Black cabinetry is the second most popular choice, especially when coupled with shining silver hardware.

However, if you decide to go down this path, it is often recommended to include a light or white countertop to balance the darkness.

Gray is the third middle-ground, which is often used when you want to add contrast to a fairly light space without overly darkening it.

2) Open Shelves And Bottoms

Whenever you have the opportunity to introduce open space into a bathroom, you will always make it look bigger.

Think of how cramped your old vanities felt with solid cabinetry ending flush to the floor.

Not only does open shelving generally allow you a greater amount of space for storage, but it gives a luxurious spa feel that we associate with fluffy white rolled towels.

Couple this with an open bottom, and you have a space that feels less cluttered and claustrophobic.

Be wary that updating a closed-bottom vanity might mean that you will have to redo the floors, as there is a large potential that your flooring either doesn’t reach the wall, or it ended up being damaged from the weight of the vanity itself.

If you wish to have an open-bottomed cabinet, it is generally a good idea to install it that way the first time and save yourself the trouble of remodelling later.

It should be noted that while the floating vanity used to be a trend reserved for restaurants, it has slowly become a newer feature in homes.

These are especially useful when space is at a premium, allowing you lots of extra space underneath.

3) Under-Mounted Or Vessel Sinks

The days of the over-mounted sink are over, which features the lip of the sink protruding from the top of your vanity.

This variety of sink has been shown to get dirty quickly and are difficult to clean, paving the way for alternatives like the under-mount and the vessel.

Under-mounted sinks are completely flush with the countertop, without the irritating dirt-collecting lip to worry about.

Most of the cleaning of an under-mounted sink involves the faucets themselves, and it generally tends to give the sink a finished and polished look.

Vessel sinks are the polar opposite, raised considerably into distinct bowls above the countertop. These give your bathroom a very unique look, and are a very popular option for powder rooms.

Choosing a material like stone for the vessel itself can also give your sink some extra pop, and allow it to become the focal point of your room.

4) Minimalism

With some of the other design choices which feature open spaces and neutral colours, it should come as no surprise that minimalism is a defining feature of modern bathrooms.

Following the mantra of “less is more,” it continues with the efforts created by open spaces to make the room feel more open and less cluttered.

5) Marble Or Quartz Countertops

Granite has long been a trendy choice for homeowners seeking a modern look for their vanity countertops, and can still be a solid choice on a style, which might incorporate an intentionally rougher feel.

With the fast rise of neutral white cabinetry, marble and quartz are a natural complement for their pure white colouration.

Quartz, in particular, could also come in a variety of colours, and looks just as sleek and modern as many other types of stone tops.

6) Industrial Aesthetics

There has been a rise in the industrial aesthetic for many years, for those who like the unfinished, raw feel of renovating an old industrial complex.

You don’t have to actually take over an old factory to achieve this, as any home can adopt the industrial aesthetic, including in the bathroom.

Edgy or quirky designs, which include gold or silver metallic finishes are increasingly popular, often integrating wood accents and unusual patterns when choosing the fittings and designs.

If you’re looking for trends this year, you should be shooting for a minimalist, neutral-toned set of cabinetry with an open concept to add extra space to your bathrooms.

Carefully consider the design of the room to avoid clutter, and keep your bathroom looking pristine and trendy for years to come.

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