8 Unique Ways to Stylize Your Little Bedroom


Modern home interior design is perhaps like a complex science. It takes interior designers on a twisting journey of playing around the corners and make the best of spaces.

However, sometimes they need to make compromises while making design choices. One of the most compromising choices is often regarded with respect to bedrooms.

Interior designers often tend to shorten the bedroom spaces in order to make way for other places.

While a bedroom might be mostly used to take rest, designers tend to overlook its other utilities, often compromising its area in the process.

Irrespective of decisions taken, people often tend to resent their small personal spaces. This is because they don’t get a chance to make their spaces more interesting at the time of interior renovations.

With that in mind, here are some of the tips to give that fresh look to your little personal space:

Styling the walls:

Walls are probably one of the most obvious things about a small bedroom. A person is likely to notice them the most within the small space of a comfy bedroom.

This is why styling the walls becomes the most obvious choice. Focal additions like bold wallpapers to certain walls of the space add an attentive and pleasing look to the bedroom.

Bright pastel wallpapers often tend to reduce the effect of a compact area by hiding borders in sunlight.

A popping color wallpaper with minimal patterns adds a sense of cohesiveness that your bedrooms rightly needs. 

Smart spaces:

Small bedrooms have a major flaw. That flaw is none other than the limited space.

This is one of the reasons why such bedrooms often eliminate storages like cupboards and drawers in the first place.

However, most of the time people tend to overlook how a bed can be used for multiple purposes.

While interior designers often tend to recommend standard beds for small bedrooms, one can repurpose their decisions for storage purposes by going for beds with underneath storages instead.

In case a bedroom is too limited to accommodate opening spaces for the drawers of such beds, one can consider using different types of portable storages like cardboard boxes and woven baskets under the standard beds to serve as movable storages right below the beds.

Such items not only serve as portable storages but also add to the looks by their cuteness.

A Different bed:

Standard rectangular beds, irrespective of room sizes tend to take up most of the room space.

While this might be ignored in the case of big bedrooms, this can cause serious usability issues in the case of small bedrooms. While beds can’t be eliminated from a bedroom, they surely can be differently selected. 

Interior designers often tend to recommend corner beds in extreme cases. Such kind of beds don’t occupy excessive spaces like standard wall center-lined beds.

Corner beds, as their name suggests can be easily tucked to corners of a room, making more space within the bedroom. Triangle and sector beds are one of the most common forms of such corner beds.

Ceiling additions:

Irrespective of your room spaces, no interior designs can’t get enough of ceilings. Perhaps, ceilings are one o those less worked places in the space that interior designers play around with much.

Hence, it becomes one of those perfect places to get your creative juices flowing. Ceilings are often made adorable by the addition of molded castings and chandeliers.

Such additions bring over a fresh coat of artistic vibe to personal spaces in a sleek, glamorous, and stylish way.

Green additions:

People admire nature and often like to keep a piece of it around them. A small bedroom shouldn’t have to stop them from achieving this. This is where creativity comes in.

One who adores the greenery of nature and plants can often make additions like small pot and houseplants.

Such kinds of plants are available in different forms ranging from shrubs to up to classic wallcreepers.

Adding plants to compact spaces not only boosts the freshness of the space but also enhances the look and feel of the room, making it a little more special than an ordinary resting space.

Opening covers:

It is usually observed that curtains end up taking excessive spaces near the windows.

Such kind of hindrances often ends up leaving fewer spaces for other things within the room interiors. In such cases, curtains need to be smartly selected.

Going for flowing or breezy curtains can certainly help serve the case. While these curtains may not be as trendy as one might wish them to be, they end up leaving more spaces for other things in the room.

One might make use of curtain doors for room openings and closets to save more space. Such curtains are often matched with a room’s color and patterns for creating a clean, minimal effect.

Wall hangings:

Colored textured walls can sometimes feel empty. This is because sometimes recessed textures might not be able to create the right type of minimal hideous effect for small spaces.

However, empty places too have great potential and can be turned into something like a personal museum or an art gallery. 

Empty walls are a perfect spot for adding an essence of creativity to your personal space. Hence, such walls are always decorated with canvas paintings, 3D sculptures, and wall hangings.

One might even be able to create a thematic vibe by mixing and matching a similar kind of hangings on the wall.

Comfy floors:

While people mostly focus their eyes on the walls and ceilings, floors are those aspects of a modern home interior design that are mostly felt at first before being seen.

There are instances that a small bedroom might have had compromised in its flooring. Such compromises are made due to less movable of little spaces within the bedroom space.

However, the floors are important. In case of room, floorings have been too ignored to have been stylized, one can look forward to styling a room floor by themselves.

It can be done with the help of textured flooring mats and cozy rugs. Such additions not only a polished feel to a personal space but also compliment the walls by contrasting combinations.

These are some of the great styling ideas to stylize a tiny bedroom. While Such kinds of additions usually require recommendations of a professional interior designer for best results, they can be personally done by oneself as DIY projects.

Making such additions breathes a new life into your cozy little bedroom.

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