9 Tricks to Get a Luxurious Bathroom for Less


A luxurious bathroom is more than a delight for the eye. It’s the remodeling of space to create a serene environment where you can truly relax.

While the general belief is that only big bathrooms can benefit from this style, the fact is that with a few tricks anyone can enjoy luxury.

Here are some ideas that can turn any bathroom into an oasis fit for kings and queens.   



It may sound unconventional to place a rug in the bathroom, but this trend is going strong for a while now.

Besides giving your bathroom a refined look, it’s also comfortable to feet compared to the cold tiles. Consider adding a Persian rug which is an art by itself that will go hand in hand with your unicolor tiles or minimalist décor.

If you want to complete the look, put an extravagant armchair in a corner you can get at a yard sale or used furniture stores for a bargain price.  



Double sinks are above all practical bathroom features that will give you and your partner private space. If you are a crafty person, then turn this remodeling into a DIY project that will allow you to style your vanity just the way you imagined it.

You can go for the simplest design possible with rustic shelves for vanities and modern, square sinks for refinement. It may require some plumbing work to add another sink, but observe it as a good opportunity to check the pipes.   


  • Turn your shower into a sauna


Once available only at the spa centers, a sauna can now be part of any bathroom. This is one of those ultimate luxury features that will turn your shower into the most relaxing area of the house.

Just add a steam generator to your existing shower and that’s it.No need for expensive renovations and installing of complex technology, especially if you are on a tight budget.



An every-sized bathroom can benefit from natural light, especially the small ones. If you have a window, consider making it bigger with glazed glass for extra privacy.

Sometimes that is not possible or can be expensive, so concentrate on spreading the outside light inside your bathroom. A decorative mirror across the smallest window can reflect the light and make the whole bathroom bright and lively.    


  • Install softer illumination


If natural light is not a possibility, then do your best with artificial lighting in your bathroom. Softer illumination is not only there to set the mood, but also to add a chic and charming vibe.

The most affordable approach is installing a dimmer switch that will allow you to quickly change the brightness. Candles are essential for a luxurious bathroom, giving you both aromatherapy and tender glow when you are soaking in the tub. 


  • Bring in a touch of greenery


A houseplant or two can make a lot of difference to the overall feel of your bathroom. A tall, leafy plant by the bathtub adds an organic element into your modern décor, giving the space a gentler look.

An orchid by the sink is minimalist and delicate detail that will elegantly accent the vanity area. In case you have a windowless bathroom, introduce quality artificial plants that are spot-on copies of their alive counterparts.   



Any bathroom today can have heated seats, air dryers, and bidet functions with a smart toilet, providing true luxury and comfortableness.

This is a great solution for small bathrooms and doesn’t require construction and plumbing works like the installation of a separate bidet.

Although it will modernize your bathroom with hi-tech features, the smart toilet will fit in any interior design because of its classic look. 


  • Hang a mirror with lights


Mirror with lights is not reserved only for movie stars and professional makeup artists. Many affordable models on the market can remove harsh shadows when you use your vanity.

Models with adjustable LED lights will eliminate unflattering angles and allow focused spotlight no matter how tall you are. Consider big light bulbs to add Hollywood splendor into your décor and vintage sophistication.     


  • Indulge in a freestanding tub


Regardless of whether you are blessed with a spacious bathroom or a modest one, you can still have a freestanding tub. Replace your old tub with deep and stylish oval models that will allow you to soak in and create a spa in your home.

If you need to save space, a semi-free standing bathtub with a flush to the wall is still a luxurious solution for smaller bathrooms


The very thought of renovations may get your head spin, but it doesn’t have anything radical so you can have a luxurious bathroom.

A detail here and there may be just what your space needs to posh-up its style and get just what you wanted on the budget. 

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