how to organize study space in a dorm room


The disadvantage of all dorm rooms is little space that needs to be shared with another person (or even a few people). Besides, in this limited space there has to be a study place where you can struggle over your homework (you cannot live in the campus library, although some students have already tried), relaxing place (where you can sleep and enjoy your free time) and a kitchen zone (to cook your meals) – all in one. Although this task seems impossible to complete, you still have to separate these sections to be able to focus on your tasks and have a comfortable place to rest after a hard day in college.

Dorm room transformation options

Dorm life is fast-paced and fun, accompanied by games, parties, orders of pizza at 3 a.m, and guitar songs late at night. But no matter how enjoyable it is, your primary goal in college

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Mount Your New Television on The Wall Easily with Professional Installations


Your grandparents never had the problem nor the option of mounting their television because they had cabinets.

The casing and the TV set sitting in front of the couch was so dignified in its wooden television case that people never really thought of other alternatives. 

Today, the growing needs of the new generation and options of redecorating their interiors placed our TVs on the walls.

And who might have guessed then that the often bland walls only used for hanging portraits can accommodate such pieces of equipment?

Having TV wall mounts and affixing your boob tube on the wall is the latest interior trend.

Not only does it save room space, but it also gives you a better viewing angle for watching your favourite sports and TV series.

Mounting, though, is not as easy as you may think. Most often, it requires the hands of professionals to keep the screens

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Why You Should Upgrade to a Marble Dining Table : Reasons    


For most homes with an open floor plan, the dining table may be the essential piece of furniture that a family could have. Dining tables are multi-purpose furniture that is at the centre of a lot of family activities.

The whole family eats at the dining table. Serious family talks and decision making are mostly done at the dining table. Children do their homework and projects at the dining table.

All in all, your dining table is an integral part of your home and your family. Realising the importance of your dining table, is it not time to update your old wooden table to a new marble table from GreyHammer?

Here are the advantages of having a marble table for your home.

Effortless Beauty. Marble has always been a symbol of elegance and sophistication if used as materials for your home. Marble has long been used to make floors

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A Guide to the Latest Home Decor Furniture to Furnish Your Home Skillfully


The furniture we use in a home is of varied kinds. There are different types of furniture in different spaces. If you want to know all about the furniture used in a house, and where, then read this article. 

If you are getting furniture for your new house, or want the latest home decor furniture to make the place look fresh, this post will help you decide the furniture you require, and for which area. 

Dapper up your entrance –  it is said that ‘the first impression is the last impression’.This isn’t always correct but usually, it is true so, why take the chance? Make your entrance neat and tidy.

Arrange a small but traditional table, hang some paintings and add a vase with elegant flowers. This makes your entrance look stylish yet spruce.

The furniture of your living room – whether it is a complete renovation or spicing it

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