Home Appliances You Need to Improve Your Health


The year 2020 has required many of us to spend a lot more time at home.

Keeping your home safe and healthy has always been important, but current world conditions require us to treat our homes and bodies with even greater care.

The appliances and tools referenced below will make it easier to eat and drink with greater security and health.

Instant Pots

An instant pot is a free-standing pressure cooker. With an instant pot, you can come home from a stressful day and create a quick, healthy, and cost-effective meal in a short amount of time.

You can also add protein and fiber to your diet while protecting your budget by focusing on beans and grains.

Air Fryers

By adding an air fryer to your arsenal of healthy food prep, you can enjoy crispy French fries and even fried chicken.

If you like the crunch of fried foods but want to avoid the high fat and high levels of salt that comes with deep frying, a good-sized air fryer can be a great addition to your kitchen.

Water Filtration

Anything that helps you increase your water intake is well worth the investment.

In addition to an amazing RO system for your home, make sure you invest in quality water bottles that you can clean and fill up at the end of every day.

Reverse osmosis systems have a history of being bulky and space-intensive, but modern systems are not only easy to manage but they are tankless.

You won’t have to give up your under-counter space or find a spot in your basement for a good reverse osmosis system.

Salad Makers

Any tools that can make it easier and quicker to put fresh, crunchy veggies on the table are a great investment in your health.

There are many salad-making tools you can keep in the cupboard, including a

  • salad spinner to clean and freshen greens
  • produce keepers that allow airflow
  • dressing shakers
  • citrus and garlic presses

Using a good quality greens storage tool is key to cooking ahead a bit.

Once your greens are clean, you can easily and quickly assemble a salad for your family as the instant pot cooks up some healthy protein and the air fryer makes up some fast, crispy fries.

Juicer / Blender

Having a juicer in your healthy eating stock of supplies can greatly improve your overall health.

You can either start a regular juicing routine by replacing one meal a day with a healthy juice recipe or plan a short juice cleanse to help you break your reliance on unhealthy toxins.

If you’re interested in adding protein powder to your juicing schedule, you may also want a blender that can manage frozen fruits, juices, protein powder, peanut butter, and yogurt.

Infrared Sauna

An infrared sauna can be permanently installed anywhere in your home or you can invest in a portable unit that you can take down when not in use.

Access to an infrared sauna can help you shed toxins, reduce chronic pain and inflammation, and boost your cardiovascular health.

Using an infrared sauna on a regular basis and pairing it with a low-salt, low-residue diet, and drinking plenty of freshly filtered water, you can easily and quickly improve your health.

Be aware that the detoxing process can be greatly eased with regular sauna time.

Good health is often based on habits and patterns of behavior. With the right tools in your home, you can make incremental changes in your daily decisions that can help you to feel a bit better every morning than you did yesterday.

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