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Before you list your home for sale, you will need to take some compelling photos. Here are some home staging ideas that will work to sell your home quickly.

Are you in the process of selling your home? Maybe you’re just minutes away from listing it online. If so, then hold that thought!

Before you list your property, you’ll want to take some amazing high-resolution images that will wow anyone that gazes their eyes upon them. For many people, the pictures are the deciding factor on whether or not to inquire more about your home.

In other words: if you don’t have great pics of the home, you won’t get many offers.

Here are several home staging ideas and tips to help you take high-quality pictures that will knock the socks off anyone that sees them online.

  1. Find a Balance

As you might already assume, you’ll want to make the pictures of your home look like something out of a GoodHousekeeping magazine. However, if you doll it up too much, then you might be setting yourself for failure later down the line.

Imagine if you were a buyer scrolling through local listings, trying to find your family’s next home. All of a sudden you come across a house that’s within your budget and has amazing pictures of it.

It’s exterior is beautifully painted, the wood floors look brand-spanking-new, and the living room is spacious and quaint.

Then you go for an in-person tour of the house and find that the exterior paint is chipping, the wood floors are scratched up, and the living room is filled with kids toys… are you still going to be as excited about purchasing it? Probably not.

For that reason, it’s important to find a balance with your images. You want the home to look beautiful, yet realistic. Otherwise, you’ll have many interested buyers back out after taking a tour.

  1. Prioritize Spacing

Here’s a secret that the home decor keeps to themselves: you want all high-traffic areas in your home to look spacious. It gives off the impression that the house is bigger than the square footage would say.

That means your kitchen, living room, and bathrooms all need to have spacing. They need room for people to move around.

A common mistake among homeowners is to back all furniture up against a wall to make a bigger walkway. Instead, you want to make sure all furniture is at least two feet apart from any wall.

That means the dinner table in the corner of your kitchen needs two feet of space from both walls that it’s near. Scoot those living room couches away from the walls. Move those armchairs closer to the TV… You get the idea.

  1. Boast Your Amenities

It doesn’t matter how new your HVAC system is or how efficient the electricity is in your home, nothing is going to sell your home faster than amenities.

Things like LED lighting, wood flooring, a pool, a new deck, or smart home technology are just a few of the many amenities buyers are desperate for. If you have them in your house, you need to flaunt them in the pictures you post on your listings.

If your kitchen has wood floors, be sure to angle the camera down a bit to show off the beautiful design that it has. If you have an outdoor deck, take a view of the backyard from the back corner of the deck.

For those of you that have huge windows, be sure to show all the natural lighting in your living room, bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen pictures!

The beauty of the amenities will make your interested buyers want to take a screenshot on a Mac to show their spouse!

  1. Use Neutral Colors 

Neutral colors are one of the top trends in the entire home decor industry. They help you interested buyers imagine the space as their own. They make it seem as if no one has ever lived in that house before.

You’ll want to make sure and use neutral colors wherever you can. If you’re wanting to apply new paint anyways, then use it as an opportunity to make the walls a neutral color such as dark or light gray.

If you choose a color that’s too loud, then it’ll attract all the attention, pointing the focus away from those amenities that you’re hoping to show off.

Make sure to consider neutral colors for your couch pillows, kitchen chairs, island sidings, and more.

  1. Touch Up Where You Can

Obviously, since you’re selling the home you want to spend as little money as possible on renovating the home for staging.

Luckily, there are several budget-friendly ways to touch up the home and make it look brand-new before taking pictures. You can repaint the walls, chair rails, and baseboards to give the entire house a crisper look.

You might also consider replacing the doors and handles on all your kitchen cabinetry in order to find a budget-friendly way of renovating the look.

Also, you can repaint the furniture that you have around the house, especially in the living room. That investment will pay off when you move into your new place as well!

Use These Home Staging Ideas for Your Pictures!

Now that you’ve seen several different home staging ideas on a budget to consider, it’s time to prepare for those high-quality photos!

Be sure to consider the amount of time and money that you’re willing to spend on these ideas. Giving yourself a larger window will pay off in a big way down the line!

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