When thinking about installing a pool, one option to consider is a New vinyl liner pool in Bucks and Montgomery County. Unlike a traditional plaster pool, a vinyl lined pool does not crack during the freeze-thaw cycles that often occur in the winter months. Vinyl pools are not rigid, so they can withstand fluctuating temperatures and provide many years of enjoyment before a liner replacement becomes necessary.

The Vinyl Advantage

Due to its unique type of construction, a vinyl pool is able to expand and contract as the temperature fluctuates. This is an advantage over a plaster pool that is prone to cracking when the environment surrounding it ices over. The ability to “give” during a freeze makes a vinyl lined pool a better choice in areas where harsh temperatures are commonplace.


It’s relatively easy to design a vinyl lined pool into a nontraditional shape since the layer underneath the lining is composed of either sand, or a vermiculite material, that can be molded into any form. Some vinyl pools have a steel wall surrounding them for added support, as well as aluminum or concrete coping to cohesively tie the pool and the decking together. The vinyl itself is relatively thick, and with proper care, it can last 12 plus years before needing to be replaced.


When comparing different types of pools, a vinyl pool is a very cost effective choice. The materials to install it, as well as the cost to maintain it, are far cheaper for vinyl lined pools. Even a full liner replacement is less than doing major repairs to a pool that is composed of plaster, concrete or tile.


When it’s time to make repairs, the surface below the vinyl liner should be checked before a new liner is installed. Pumps and filters should also be inspected, as well as water lines and the coping and decking surrounding the pool. During a renovation an owner may wish to make upgrades, such as adding lights, water features, steps or even reconfigure the overall shape of the pool itself.

A pool that is vinyl lined can withstand drastic temperature changes while maintaining its integrity over time. As with any pool, it’s important to test the water weekly, vacuum and brush the surface areas and adjust the water level as needed.