Renovating Your Bedroom? 7 Useful Design Tips For a Modern Look


Luckily, bedroom renovation is some of the most inexpensive projects compared to your kitchen or bathroom. You spend almost 1/3 of life sleeping, so don’t you think that you should sleep in the room which contributed to your sweet dreams?

Always remember that a disorganized or uninspired bedroom can make it difficult to relax, as well as it likely does not help the disposition in the morning, either. Even in case, nobody sees it, the bedroom must still display your style as well as feel like the place you wish to unwind in.

Regardless of how bold you wish to go, what the design preference is, how huge your space is, it is important to opt for smart bedroom decorating ideas that inspire you. Never forget that your bedroom must be a place where you like to spend time as well as it should be the relaxing retreat from the daily hectic routine.

Since your bedroom is generally the place where your old college furniture pieces and hand-me-down relics which you vow to eventually get rid of always wind up, it is suggested to go for innovative bedroom designs.

Below-mentioned are top 7 bedroom designs that will make it look beautiful without spending a lot of bucks or time – 

1. Personalize the Headboard – An upholstered wall-to-wall headboard can be chosen for meeting the house owner’s style, functions, and needs. This is the guaranteed way of making sure that the bedroom is everything you wish it to be.

In case you have a small bedroom, the personalized headboard along with a built-in nightstand saves you a lot of space. Regarded as one of the most impressive bedroom designs, the wide upholstered headboard brings additional fabric into your bedroom, while enabling the eclectic integration.

In some of the bedrooms, the headboard also defines the color scheme as well as offers a sense of formality while asserting the modern twist which is not extra trendy. Even, one can make an ordinary bed look lush and sleek with the wall-mounted headboard.

If you want, you can also browse through the master bedroom styles and create an entertaining painted-on version utilizing the wall stencil one. Do you have a tiny but lovely home? If yes, then do not shy away from choosing upholstered, recessed “headboard” nook and built-in cabinets that will look genius and beautiful.

2. Go for a Rustic look – Embrace the rustic look with those pieces which look as if they came directly from the charming farmhouse, like 4-poster beds, spindle-back chairs, and gingham fabrics. If you want the Shingle Style beach house along with uncomplicated interiors, then make sure that your master bedroom has a lot of light and high ceilings.

Bedroom Makeover Ideas

Just imagine having one of the most impressive rustic master bedroom styles with the portrait by Ammi Philips hanging near a Vermont pencil-post bed and the lamp made from the train lantern which is on a circa 1850 Hutch table. Perfect, right?

A naturally subdued color scheme of the rustic style is the best one for somebody who has a small space. Utilize a fascinating ceiling fixture, whimsical touches such as a faux animal head in an attractive room, and weathered wood for giving your bedroom a lot of interest.

3. Use good lighting – You can often identify the well-designed room by the kind of lighting used, it is the exact perfect amount for the right time of the day (or night). While going through the ideas for bedroom interior designs, ask yourself – is the bedroom suffering from a lot of light?

Bedroom Makeover Ideas

The Recessed pot lights are good for your living room, however, plenty of electricity might seem harsh in your bedroom. You can also install the dimmer (ranging from $60-$100) to reduce the overhead glare.

On the other hand, your bedroom may have dim lighting which strains your eye. In any of these 2 cases, it would be beneficial for you to get some well-placed lamps which increase the visibility without getting your senses overloaded.

The lamps are an amazingly cost-effective accessory and if you want, you can try out the new lampshade on the old fixture to get a quick bedside accessory facelift. When it comes to bedroom interior design, why not add a bit of somber floor lighting through floor lamps? Choose some stylish and smart floor lamps for creating a whole new look for the bedroom at night.

4. Sliding Wardrobe – Wish to design the bedroom with the most perfect 2 door bedroom wardrobes? Pick out the sliding wardrobe design which would assist you with an exceptional look to the room. With the large space, the design of sliding doors for your bedroom wardrobe is the most suitable one for the big rooms.

Needless to say, sliding doors are in high demand nowadays where the size of a contemporary house is shrinking as well as producing free space for the movement has turned out to be challenging.

Near your dressing area, a wardrobe with sliding doors does not occupy additional space. Go for it as well as make your door the room’s decoration piece. In case space is tight, the sliding doors are your best choice. Wondering why?

Because they save on the floor space you are required to leave clear for swinging doors open. Also, you can paint them the soft color for merging with walls so that space seems larger or you can also choose mirrored doors for the same reason.

5. Trying out the waterfall faucet with the crystal touch – When it comes to bathroom design, you can also modernize your bathroom as well by adding waterfall style faucets which bring a critical impact. With the widespread water flow, you can also bring spa-like richness to space. This classical type of faucet can be made a lot more eye-catchy with optional Swarovski crystals embellished in its handles.

Bedroom Makeover Ideas

This crystal touch does a fantastic job in adding character to the otherwise ordinary faucet and also ensures the fact that it does not stand that much to make people detract from the complete look. So, choose this faucet which can add a bit of sparkle to your otherwise minimalist bathroom.

6. Change the bedding and throw pillow – Not only your dressing area but your bed can also be modernized by just a few changes. As your bed is the bedroom’s focal point, changing your duvet and/or throwing pillows can turn out to be one of the most efficient tiny changes a person can make.

Bedroom Makeover Ideas

Opting for the bedding in a color that is different from what you recently have can make a huge impact.

In this case, always remember that white bedding is a tried-and-true favorite of a majority of people. It works in every season as well as can be conveniently layered with a snuggly wool blanket in winters as well as lighter boho-inspired throw pillows in summers.

Just like your bathroom design, do not feel afraid of trying out any pattern while designing your bed. Also, it is time to go for lush soft bed linens and get rid of the old bed ones as splurging on the new duvet as well as bed sheet, mixed with latest soft plush bed throw and pillows is all your bed needs.

Always remember that the linens must be comfy first and foremost, and then the style factor comes.

7. Use attractive colors to paint the walls – Painting the bedroom might be the cheapest and fastest way of changing the complete character. Select the color which works with the trim (now paint chips come into the picture). Aspire to look for the color that boosts the similar ambiance which you wish in the bedroom, modern and light, eclectic and bright or, warm and cozy.

Bedroom Makeover Ideas

Just like the bathroom looks complete with the best plumbing products, it is time for you to complement the beauty of a bedroom by choosing from countless color options to paint it. Also, please note that in case the first color does not fit it well, feel free to paint over it.

Pick the color theme. Contemporary modern colors like daffodil yellows, flamingo pinks, or navy blues will lead the eyes around your room for taking in the fresh revived look.

Not only do the turquoise bright walls add color to your living room but choosing the patterned, vibrant pillows will make it seem extra fun. Moreover, white bedding and a huge window will keep it feeling airy and light. Yes, black may sound scary, but it gives a sexy look in the bedroom.


Your bedroom is the focal point for your family time, be it snuggling with the children, reading in bed, or spending quality time with the pets while settled in your bedroom. Having problems with how to choose the best decor item for your bedroom or best plumbing products for the attached bathroom?

Hire a designer online that can guide not only with fabric choices and color but will also prove to help choose the best furniture placement. Keep these 7 tips in mind for getting the advantage of experience and avoiding expensive mistakes.

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