Secret Interior Design Tips for Creating Harmony in a Space


Having harmony in space is the key to a peaceful, relaxed, and cohesive life.

It means that all the interior design elements, including the color palette, the walls, the flooring, and the lighting are well-balanced, symmetrical, and visually appealing.

Harmony encompasses both the visual appeal and the feeling of coziness and serenity of the space. We can achieve it only if we follow some basic interior design principles.

There are some useful ways to manage your interior designing efficiently – take a look at them. 

Avoid Cluttering

Cluttering of any kind of thing only makes the space look and feel chaotic. It has overwhelming effects on our eyes and brain when gazing upon a cluttered room.

Clutter can mean basically anything: furniture, artwork, plants, patterns, and all kinds of knickknacks. Having too many elements to focus on, the sense of cohesiveness is simply lost.

So, get rid of all the elements that clutter your home, and you’ll be one step closer to a harmonious home.

An excellent way to check if something is clutter or not is to re-examine its purpose. If it doesn’t serve any purpose, it’s time to toss it out. 

Ensure Balance

Balance is everything in the field of interior design. The elements should be arranged accordingly as well as balanced.

Make sure you don’t overcrowd one part of the room and leave the other part empty. In one room, there should be a balance of colors and atmosphere.

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is to have an imbalance of these essential elements that add to the general cohesiveness.

If you have a problem with the balance of elements in any room and you’re not completely satisfied with the looks and vibe it sends out, then it’s time for some re-arranging.

Consider what you can move around to create a more balanced space. 

Be Mindful of the Basic Elements – Walls

In order to create harmony in your home, there are some basic elements you need to take into consideration. These elements are quite large, and they represent the base of your home.

We’re speaking about walls and flooring. The first thing that comes to mind when thinking about walls is definitely the colors you use. Different colors evoke different feelings in people.

Thus, you should choose them carefully according to the vibe you want to achieve. Colors affect how we feel about a certain room and our mood. 

Be Mindful of the Basic Elements – Flooring

Other elements, such as flooring and furniture should be in balance with the color palette you have chosen.

When choosing flooring, make sure you select an option that is both durable and modern. One of the most popular flooring alternatives many people in Australia opt for is bamboo flooring.

Why did people go crazy after bamboo flooring? Well, due to many reasons. First of all, it is an eco-friendly option, it is comfortable, durable and it comes in many patterns.

On top of all, it is quite stylish and easily combined in both a contemporary and traditional home.

All these reasons are reasons good enough for people to opt for bamboo flooring in Sydney and many other metropolises in the world.

Upgrade Lighting

Lighting plays a crucial role when it comes to bringing in the harmony factor. It affects the atmosphere and mood in the same way as colors do.

That’s why we mustn’t overlook its importance. You should use as much natural light as you can, of course – it creates a lively and airy feeling.

As for artificial lighting, it would be best if you combined different light settings to be able to adjust the mood of certain rooms.

For example, you can install multiple light fixtures such as ceiling lights, wall lights, floor, and other types of lamps, pendant lighting, and others. 

Symmetry is Key to Harmony

Our brain loves symmetry, and that’s why it’s a relevant aspect of achieving perfect harmony. It is a way of creating a sense of order – that’s why our brain likes it so much.

Symmetry adds to the overall visual balance. One of the easiest ways to achieve symmetry is by combining multiples and place them one across the other or side by side.

That’s the reason people put two sofas across each other and also why we put curtains on our windows.

You can do the same with other furniture elements as well: ottomans, armchairs, stools. By placing them across the room’s centerline, you’ll get a visual balance almost instantly.

Include Some Negative Space

In the field of interior design, the term negative space refers to leaving empty space for the eyes to rest on.

It can simply be visually exhausting to have the entire space filled with furniture and other design elements. 

Don’t overlook the power of having a harmonious home as it can bring you a step closer to a harmonious life. 

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