The Television’s Style Accompaniment: The Sleek ‘Lowline TV Units’


Television hate it or love it, since its inception in the last century, has proved time and time again its influence on human existence.  It has always become a matter for continuous debate for the effects it has on society and how it is capable for influencing minds, especially young minds. However, there is no doubt that this has always been debatable.

As time progress and technology progresses, television has grown thinner and sleeker with LCD screen technology and Plasma technology to enhance the viewers’ experience, and the need for cabinets has long since faded. Though its functional purposes are now a matter of preferences, it’s still a staple in home decor.

Since these television cabinets are placed in the center of our living room, it has always complimented the television presence in our homes is the low line TV units.

What Are Lowline TV Units?

Initially, televisions were very heavy and required few man powers in having to get it moved from one area to another. In a house these heavy televisions were ‘entertainment units’ which was basically in a cabinet with a small space made for housing the television.

Over the time the usage of specially designed cabinets for one’s TV was no longer required as TV’s became thinner and lighter, no longer requiring bulky cabinets for housing it. After this entertainment units became more like decorative pieces and this is truer with modern television where they can simply be set up to hang from a wall eliminating the need of a cabinet completely.

Though the need for cabinets no longer exists, it has re-emerged as an aesthetic set piece that is functional as well as decorative. One such cabinet is the lowline tv units, these are TV cabinets that are designed with its base or legs close to the floor, their height is relatively low around 60 cms, this is the reason why it is named as lowline tv units.

The lowline variants come in several different designs, some have cabinets and drawers installed for the purpose of storage, and others were kept completely bare. The surface was often adorned with showpieces, books or flower vases etc. This complemented its interior and was great in adding a layer of elegance to it.

It is a timeless classic piece of furniture, exhibiting sophistication and elegance in its interiors, modern styles of lowline TV units painted white and paired with a light wood are great combos for achieving a retro yet modern look, other finishes with oak or oak veneer and other patterns can provide you with endless possibilities regarding customisation giving your house a unique touch.

Strangely when paired with a floating T.V, the lowline tv unit really compliments it. The floating television usually doesn’t require a TV cabinet. The surface of the TV unit provides more room interior decoration with vases and showpieces while the TV hangs just above it. This provides the interior a sleek look and brings in an air of sophistication.

Benefits Of Using A Lowline TV Entertainment Unit

An entertainment unit can be a great addition to your home living or media room; it provides the interior with a modern look to it. When it comes to customization the lowline TV entertainment unit is very customizable with a variety of timber to choose from for building it, to a wider variety of finishes one can apply on it to suit your preferences.

It is very easy to organize all the cabinets and drawers., you can organize your electronic media devices separately in a different cabinet and your wires and cords in another. It will help you avoid the issue of entanglement and losing wires due to disorganization.

Storage space:  apart from media devices, entertainment units can also be used store books, DVDs, game stations or newspapers etc. this means your room will look tidy and your items will be safely placed.

Showcase space:  Lowline TV entertainment units are great for showcasing space, the unit base is wide, and you can utilize the sides to display antiques, and showpieces as a décor alongside your television. Lowline TV entertainment units compliment floating television quite well, pair them together and you’re not just left with a sleek looking interior but also left with extra space for your creative side to add more into improving the décor of the house.

It is a great investment.  A lowline TV entertainment is made of wood and is very durable. You could extend the lifespan if the wood used as material in production is oak or other exotic hardwoods. TV cabinets are quite hefty, so they won’t fall easily even with a gust of wind.

Though the investment is quite high especially if the unit uses exotic wood as the material, it more than makes up with its strength and durability which ensures it will last for years to come. So, go for the right option now!

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