Top 8 Ideas for Remodeling Home Basement


Have you been itching to remodel that dark and dusty basement that you never use? Maybe you have plenty of ideas swirling around in your head but just have not figured out how to implement them into your home. Regardless, we are here to help give you a better understanding of the options available to you and how you can implement them.

Option #1: Playroom for the little ones

Young kids need their space to play. By creating a playroom, you’ll be able to keep all of their toys in one area and create a safe place for them to play. This also means you can have added space to the rest of your home since you’ll have a designated spot for the toys!

Option #2: State of the art workout room

State of the art workout room

Nothing is better than having workout space and equipment right at your fingertips. No traveling to a public gym, waiting for a machine to be open, or sharing of equipment with hundreds of other sweaty humans. Enjoy the comfort of working out in your own home with a workout room!

Option #3: Cozy home office

Cozy Home Office









In today’s day and age, working remotely has become an available option for many workplaces due to our technology. Whether you are a stay at home parent or just enjoy the pleasures of working from home, a home office can help motivate you to be the most productive you can be. By creating a personal space to just work, you will still be able to get that office feel by designing the space and you’ll be able to block out any distractions you may face in your home.

Option #4: An extra bedroom


Are you looking to add to your family or maybe looking to add a guest room to your house? If so, your basement can be transformed into the perfect bedroom! Before taking on this project, however, make sure your basement meets the correct building code requirements. A window for fire escape purposes will be required if not installed already. Contact your local basement finishing expert to make sure your basement is equipped for windows and for the correct window measurements.

Option #5: Home theater

Home Theater

Love to watch movies without having to go to the movie theater? If so, a home theater can be a great idea to add to your basement space. As streaming services make it easy to bring your favorite movies right to your tv, a home theater can create that movie theater feel without leaving your home. Experience surround-sound speakers and vibrant picture graphics all while in comfortable, recliner chairs.

Option #6: Space for entertaining

Space entertaining

If you like to host, what better way to add space to your home than an entertainment room! From pool tables to minibars, your basement space can liven up any party with the right equipment and furnishings. Make your entertainment space your friends and family’s new favorite hangout spot with an entertainment room remodel.

Option #7: An addition for your in-laws

combination of ideas

As our parents get older, it can be harder and harder for them to live on their own. If you are looking to take them under your wing, make them feel at home by adding an in-law suite to your basement. Your basement can act as the perfect spot for in-laws to move in to, as it can create privacy, yet still be close enough for you to check in on them. Add a bedoom, bathroom, kitchen, and living room all in your finished basement to make for the perfect in-law suite!

Option #8: A combination of the above ideas

Depending on how big your basement is and how you want the layout to be, you can incorporate a few of the ideas listed above together. Want to have a playroom for the kids AND a spot to entertain your guests? You got it! Or maybe you want a workout room and a home office? Go for it! No matter what you end up deciding, an experienced basement finishing contractor can help you plan out your idea and make your basement goals come true!

No matter what your ideas are, remodeling your basement can provide you with the extra space that your home needs. So, stop dreaming and start planning! Creating a realistic plan for remodeling your home’s basement is the first step to actually doing it. Then, finishing your basement will turn your dreams into reality.

Now that you have a few ideas, you know the importance of planning your home improvement project, and you’ve found a contractor that you can trust…how will you choose to remodel your home’s basement? Combine what you have so far and do it! Now is the time to take action and finally make your basement dreams become your basement reality.

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