10 Cool Things to Do with Bath Bombs 


There are many items to pour in your bathtub for relaxation after a long day. Items like bath salts, lotions, and bath bombs are predominant but bath bombs have exceptionally stood out. 

Bath bombs are tightly packed blends of dry ingredients that rapidly dissolve when tossed in your bathwater. They are spherical, sometimes block-shaped, and are about the size of your palm. 

They add scent, essential oils, bubbles, and color to your bathwater. Also, they bring excitement and fun to your bath and have skin and health benefits. And boost your mood to reduce depressive temperaments.

Let’s find out some great things to do with bath bombs. 

Read to the end to discover several amazing ways to put bath bombs into great use in your home. 

1. Steal some time for aromatherapy 

Taking a bath is a special moment of relaxation. We take advantage of warm or cold water to

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